NCVCE is the central coalition for campaign finance reform advocacy in North Carolina. We employ three main strategies to promote Voter-Owned Elections and other campaigns reforms: grassroots coalition building, legislative advocacy, and research and publication.

Grassroots Coalition Building

NCVCE organizes an annual Voter-Owned Elections Lobby Day, sponsors periodic trainings and workshops, and holds regular meetings with our 30 coalition partners.

Legislative Advocacy

NCVCE has an active advocacy presence at the state legislature. We track current campaign finance reform legislation, coordinate lobbying between Democracy North Carolina, the NC Center for Voter Education, and Common Cause NC and promote a common legislative agenda.We work on Voter-Owned Elections programs for appellate judge, Council of State, and the state legislature.

Research & Publications

NCVCE produces legislative scorecards, candidates questionnaires, Op-Eds, newsletters and reports about money-in-politics reform in North Carolina.