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Issues like improving education, health care, and tax reform aren't addressed because campaign contributions dominate the political scene. Without your help, the soaring cost of elections will stop qualified leaders from seeking the most powerful decision-making positions in our state. Every North Carolinian should be able to run for office if s/he has community support. A system that places wealth above the rights of the citizens can be overcome with your help.

Benefits of Membership

Legislative Scorecard
An annual report card that rates N.C. General Assembly members on their campaign finance and lobby reform votes from the most recent legislative session.

Email Newsletters
A bi-monthly email provides updates on the current progress of campaign finance and lobby reform issues.

Annual Gathering
An annual gathering that provides an overview of where we’ve been over the past year and where we’re headed over the next year.

Lobby Day
An annual lobby day at the N.C. General Assembly inviting citizens to lobby their legislators on the pressing campaign finance and lobby reform issues.

Workshops and Trainings
NCVCE can coordinate trainings on current money-in-politics issues. Past events have included workshops on the Citizens United v. FEC ruling and candidate information sessions on the state's Council of State Voter-Owned Elections program.

Upon request, NCVCE can provide speakers to organizational meetings to explain and discuss the issues of campaign finance and lobby reform and how the impact your organization’s constituency.

Through our lobbyist, NCVCE provides a constant voice at the legislature on campaign finance and lobby reform issues.

NCVCE will keep a current list of our partners on our website, with a link to your organization’s own website. We also sometimes co-sponsor (relevant) partner events.

Referral Service
Upon request, NCVCE can provide organizations with research and literature on the issues of campaign finance and lobby reform as well as refer you to organizations working on other election-related issues.

Event Announcements
Posting of organizational events on NCVCE’s website as they are related to campaign finance or lobby reform issues.