Stand up for truth in political advertising

A great article from the Charlotte Observer about how to hold Super PACs accountable for their wacko ads

--Besides being incredibly insensitive, the ad against state Rep. Hugh Holliman in his last election was a flat-out lie.

The N.C. Republican Party mailed a flier to Davidson County voters a couple of weeks before the November 2010 election. "Meet Wayne Laws," it read. "He brutally MURDERED two people. And get to know Henry McCollum. He RAPED AND MURDERED AN 11 YEAR OLD CHILD. Both are on Death Row today. ... But thanks to ultra-liberal Hugh Holliman, they might be moving out of jail and into your neighborhood sometime soon."

That's punching hard below the belt, because Holliman's own daughter was raped and murdered at age 16. And the ad was not true: Holliman is a death penalty supporter and he watched the execution of his daughter's killer. The ad was referring to Holliman's support for the Racial Justice Act. That law spells out that eligible Death Row inmates could have their sentences changed to life without parole. It does not allow any inmate to be released.

Holliman lost after six terms in the House.

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