Protecting Judicial Independence Town Hall

Event:   “Protecting Judicial Independence:  Why it matters” is co-hosted by the LWV-CM and the North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections. 

Panelists: Former Mayor Richard Vinroot, Former NC Superior Court Judge Lane Williamson and local social justice and civil right attorney Tim Emry

Time:   6:30 pm - 8:00    Event will start @ 630pm sharp.  We have the room 30 min. earlier to get set up.   

Location:  Government Center,   600 E. 4th Street, uptown Charlotte, Room 280.  

Event summary:

The North Carolina General Assembly, on April 10, 2017, introduced HB717, An Act to Revise Certain Superior Court Judicial Districts.  This bill introduces partisanship to judicial elections and fundamentally alters how judges are elected to the district court bench.  In an August 5Charlotte Observer Op-Ed, Viewpoint, District Court Judges voiced concerns over the impact the bill’s redistricting would have on the current makeup of the bench, a bench whose diversity “is representative of our county’s population” and also the process that allows all citizens to have a voice and choice in the elections.  House Bill 717 proposes to change all that.   This panel discussion aims to educate citizens on the impacts of House Bill 717 from the perspective of stakeholders and to discuss proposed judicial legislation and reforms.     

The 90-minute discussion will include 30 minutes of questions from the audience.