Press Releases from NCVCE

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Judicial Campaign Media

MSNBC All In with Chris Hayes: Deluge of Big Money in Judicial Elections (9 min mark)

National Journal: When Judges Go Courting

Democracy Now: Will Dark Money Reshape North Carolina Political Landscape from Senate Race to State Supreme Court?

New York Times editorial: Judges and Justice for Sale

New York Times: Outside Spending Enters Arena of Judicial Races

Daily Beast: Outside Cash Floods North Carolina Judicial Races

Washington Post: In N.C., conservative donor sits at heart of government he helped transform

WRAL: Big business spends to unseat NC Supreme Court Justice Robin Hudson

News & Observer op-ed:  Alarming campaign to create 'politicians in robes'Melissa Price Kromm and Bert Brandenburg on big money in judicial elections

News & Observer editorial: Money in Politics weaken the independence of courts

Charlotte Observer: NC Supreme Court: Martin wins chief justice seat; Levinson trailing

Charlotte Observer: Sarah Parker leaves legacy on Supreme Court

Greensboro News & Record: Tracking the players in the effort to oust judge

Greensboro News & Record editorial: Money and high court races

Wilmington Star-News editorial: Attack ads on candidates threaten to taint justice system

WFAE: Controversial 'Justice for All NC' PAC Returns for Late Push on JudgesA

AP: Dialing for dollars' new for NC court hopefuls

ABC11: I-Team investigates outside money's influence on local elections

Last Week w/ John Oliver on Money in Politics and Electing Judges

Press Releases

New Poll: Voters Will Hold Legislators Accountable for fate of NC’s Judicial Public Financing Program

Greensboro Passes Resolution Calling on Congress to Overturn Citizens United

Greensboro Citizens File Resolution at Town Council Meeting Calling on Congress to Overturn Citizens United

Greenville, NC becomes 10th municipality seeking reversal of Citizens United

Raleigh Passes Resolution Calling on Congress to Overturn Citizens United

Citizen Groups Seek to Curb Corporate Power: Questions Why Leadership Blocks Grassroots Legislation

Fracking debate fuels campaign gifts to lawmakers

CItizen Groups Seek to Curb Power

N.C. Landmark Clean Elections Law Remains Strong

Gov. Jim Holshouser, Gov. Jim Hunt, US Senator Robert Morgan & Bill Friday Join Forces to Protect Clean Elections

Letter from Gov. Holshouser, Gov Hunt, US Sen. Morgan & Bill Friday

2010 Scorecard on Campaign Finance Reform

Statement: Reforming Gubernatorial Elections

NCVCE Praises US Supreme Court for Allowing Pro-Reform Ruling to Stand

Nine Lives of New NC Candidate: Candidates Speak on Public Financing

Scorecard Release: Year Plagued By Scandal Also Produces Significant Reform

Council of State Bill Passes Senate

Council of State Bill Passes House

Chapel Hill Pilot Bill Approved by General Assembly

Council of State Members Back Reform

Prominent Campaign Donors Back Voter-Owned Elections

Letter to Legislative Leaders Regarding Former Speaker Jim Black

2006 Legislative Scorecard Press Release