NCVCE's 2nd Annual Stop Spooky Special Interests Bash on October 15th!

Do you know what scares me?  Forget spiders and vampires--this election season, nothing is more frightening than big money trying to buy our democracy by pumping millions of dollars into political campaigns. 

Help end this house of horrors-come join us in Durham on October 15th at 5pm for our 2nd Annual family-friendly Stop Spooky Special Interests Halloween Bash!  Come as your favorite threat to "one person, one vote" --corporate fat cats, the ghost of voter fraud, maybe even a member of the Supreme Court! 

You can also help the cause of fair elections in North Carolina by making a contribution of $14.60 to North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections--the amount voter-owned elections cost, just a penny a day per person in a four year term.

Come help us end the creepy nightmare of money-driven politics--and have a good time celebrating Halloween and democracy at the same time! 

RSVP to for directions or call (919) 272-5447.