NCVCE Resolution

The cost of running for office has tripled in the last decade and is continuing to increase. As the cost goes up candidates are forced to spend increasing amounts of time fundraising. This money chase in political campaigns threatens the bonds of trust between the public and government and keeps many qualified leaders from seeking the most powerful decision-making positions in our state. Every North Carolinian should be able to run for office if s/he has community support. A system that lets those with money buy political power at the expense of regular people harms the democratic process and needs to be reformed.

Please sign NCVCE’s resolution calling for the creation of a system of publicly funded Voter-Owned Elections for office seekers in North Carolina. By providing an alternative source of money for campaigns, elected officials would be able to focus more on serving the public interest and qualified, community-supported candidates with less access to wealth would have the opportunity to run competitive campaigns. By endorsing this resolution your organization will not only be added as a supporter of our coalition and you will help us in our effort to achieve campaign public financing options for all races in North Carolina.

  • Whereas the high cost of campaigns for legislative and statewide office acts as a barrier that excludes many qualified candidates;
  • Whereas the increasing importance of private money in campaigns gives special-interest donors an advantage that diminishes the rule of 'one person, one vote';
  • Whereas candidates need an alternative source of money if they agree to focus on building support among voters and not rely on wealthy donors or special interests;
  • Now Be It Therefore Resolved, that we urge the North Carolina General Assembly and Governor to enact a Voter-Owned, Clean Elections program similar to programs available here in North Carolina, and in Maine, Arizona, and Connecticut. Such a program would provide a competitive amount of campaign money from a public fund to state candidates who meet these public-interest qualifications: (a) demonstrate broad support from local registered voters, (b) voluntarily agree to strict campaign spending limits, and (c) limit private fundraising to a modest number of small donations from registered voters. Such a program should be funded by closing tax loopholes or other means that result in no tax increase to average taxpayers.


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