Increased Accountability and Transparency in Elections

The North Carolina General Assembly has two bills which have passed the state House and are alive in the Senate for consideration in the 2014 short session.  Both bills currently reside in the Committee of Rules and Operations in the state Senate. 

House Bill 918 would require the initial filing for outside groups within 48 hours of spending its first $1,000 and additional reports within two days for every $5,000 spent or received.

House Bill 919 would require candidates for statewide office, as well as PACs and party committees that donate to statewide candidates, to submit their disclosure reports in an electronic format if their activity exceeded $5,000 and all other candidate committees if their activity exceeded $10,000 (only a small number of statewide candidates and committees are now required to file electronically). The bill also provides a safety clause to waive penalties if a delay in filing was the result of software malfunction, Internet outages or natural disasters.

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