Dark Money Is Taking Over Judicial Elections

Everyday national and state media outlets are exploding with reports on how Dark Money is taking over our judicial elections.  With the loss of judicial public financing, North Carolina's judicial elections are at the forefront. Here are a few hits:

1) Today Mother Jones released How Dark Money Is Taking Over Judicial Elections, "a special package highlighting how judicial elections, while garnering less attention than congressional races, have become highly contentious targets for dark money." Articles in the package: Is Your Judge for Sale?7 Incredibly Sleazy Ads Targeting Judges & Here Are This Year's Judicial Elections to Watch.

2) Today the New York Times columnist Joe Nocera writes that our courts are for sale.

3) The National Journal has a great indepth piece - When Judges Go Courting - that puts a human face on the effects of the increasing sums in judicial elections by following a North Carolina judge on the campaign trail. Campaigning and raising money is a full time job for these judges, in addition to their actual job on the court. It wasn't this way until the demise of public financing of elections as Facing South reports.

4) Facing South has a great piece on how the North Carolina Supreme Court has racked up an "extraordinary record of hostility" to the environment in major cases it's considered over the past 15 years - according to a new study. And with the seven-member court's three Democrats facing tough re-election challenges this year, it could soon get even more inhospitable to environmental concerns.

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