2015 Legislative Agenda

1) RESTORE VOTER-OWNED ELECTIONS: Through the Coalition’s advocacy, North Carolina has boasted some of the most effective “voter-owned” public financing programs in the country. In recent years these programs were ended by state lawmakers, but we believe the growing threat of Big Money influence – and the public’s appetite for solutions with a proven track record – make this the right time to revive public financing in North Carolina.

In 2015, N.C. Voters for Clean Elections will begin rolling out a new voter-owned elections program that allows candidates who qualify through raising small donations to receive grants that allow them to compete without having to rely on special interests.  Especially important will be winning back our landmark judicial public financing program. State courts touch nearly every American’s life, from rulings on marriage equality to voting laws to the environment to death penalty cases.

2) PROTECT THE PUBLIC’S RIGHT TO KNOW: With millions of dollars flooding into state elections, the public has the right to know who is trying to influence our government. In 2014, the Coalition scored a major victory with the passage of HB 919, which will ensure election spending is disclosed electronically and more accurately.

In 2015, we will work to heighten transparency by making sure outside spending groups disclose their spending in a timely manner.  The coalition will work to re-file a version of House Bill 918, a bill which passed the House in the 2013-2014 session but died due to Senate inaction. In 2015 the Coalition aims to pass a revived bill that will provide the public with a clearer idea of who is pouring money into races, especially close to Election Day.

3) DRAWING FAIR POLITICAL LINES: As part of our coalition plan, in 2015 we will be supporting work to create an impartial, nonpartisan system for drawing legislative and Congressional districts.  The bi-partisan push for fair drawing of political lines goes hand in hand with efforts to curb Big Money influence and strengthen the voice of ordinary voters.

Common Cause-NC will be a leader in the bipartisan push for building public and legislative support for non partisan redistricting reform. A bi-partisan bill has been filed which has already gained the support of a variety of civic and community leaders, including an endorsement from the NC League of Municipalities.

Check out of legislative flyer here.