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Davidson & Beaufort County Opposes Judicial Changes

Davidson County Commissioners passed a resolution opposing judicial changes in our legislature.  The Davidson County Dispatch covered the story on the resolution passage.   


Please see our new Fair Courts NC website at: for more on our campaign to protect fair and impartial courts!

Statement on Senate Bill 656 Veto Override by Coalition Partner, Progress NC

Unconstitutionally-elected General Assembly cancels an election in order to further rig the system to benefit Republicans

RALEIGH -- Progress NC Action released the following statement on Tuesday in response to the House and Senate voting to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of Senate Bill 656, which cancels next year’s primary elections for judicial races:

Governor Cooper Vetos Senate Bill 656

We applaud the governor for vetoing Senate Bill 656.  

Senate Bill 656 had some good provisions in it, like lowering the threshold for third parties to get on the ballot.  However, it also eliminated judicial primaries next year.  Here is our statement on Senate Bill 656. 

Governor's veto message:

Statement on House Bill 717 by Coalition Partner, Progress NC

Progress North Carolina Statement on Vote of NC House to Gerrymander NC Judicial Districts

Protecting Judicial Independence Town Hall

Event:   “Protecting Judicial Independence:  Why it matters” is co-hosted by the LWV-CM and the North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections. 

Little bills, in a big rush, can tip checks and balances

Winston-Salem Journal article by Scott Sexton highlighting the work of NCVCE.  

Standing up to Judicial Redistricting

Indy piece highlights committee testimony by NCVCE's Director on the dangers of judicial redistricting legislation.  

North Carolina is not alone: The Right’s nationwide assault on state judiciaries

Op-ed in NC Policy Watch by Melissa Price Kromm

In the past few months, North Carolinians have seen our General Assembly make national news several times. At least a couple of those times were due to the continuing and shameless partisan assaults on the independence of our courts.