Berger’s education plan: An end to public financing?

Citizens United Amendment in Numbers

Momentum is growing.

-The number of states (Hawaii and New Mexico) which have passed resolutions calling on Congress to overturn Citizens United.  2

-The number of Citizens United resolutions pending in other states.  17

-The number of local government resolutions passed across the country. More than 147

-The number of local government resolutions passed in Vermont alone.  64

Citizens United Amendment Campaign

Citizens United Amendment Campaign

Take the Money and Run for Office - This American Life

This is a great piece by this American Life, Take the Money and Run for Office disecting the non-stop money wheel in D.C.

Senate Dems: More sunshine on big campaign bucks

By Scott Wong
Call it DISCLOSE Act 2.0.

After coming one vote shy of passing the campaign finance reform bill in 2010, Democratic senators are giving it another shot. They rolled out a simpler version of the legislation Wednesday that aims to shed more light on who's giving big bucks to super PACs to influence elections.

GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney and the political action committee backing him have outspent the three other candidates combined, according to news reports.

Stand up for truth in political advertising

A great article from the Charlotte Observer about how to hold Super PACs accountable for their wacko ads

--Besides being incredibly insensitive, the ad against state Rep. Hugh Holliman in his last election was a flat-out lie.

Pelosi on Colbert Report to discuss the role of money in politics

Leader Pelosi was on Colbert last night: "I think that if want to cancel elections and have the wealthiest people of America...give millions, tens of millions of dollars, we can just ask them who do they want to be president, who do they want to be in Congress, who do they want for governor." She was on Maddow too, talking about the need for reform. 

Take Control and Vote - PSA by the League of Women Voters

This PSA was developed for the LWV by Discovery Communications as part of Creating Change program.

Why Corporate Personhood is Bad for Business

By: Dr. Sally Goerner, Director
The Integral Science Institute

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Small Biz Opposes CU Decision

A trio of small business federations today released a survey showing that two thirds of small business owners across the nation believe the Citizens United decision gives big corporations an unfair advantage over them. The Supreme Court decision from January 2010 allows businesses to spend unlimited amounts from their treasury to tell people how to vote.