Judges Not Politicians

North Carolina's fair and impartial court system is one that we can all be proud of, but our courts are under attack. Politicians in Raleigh are trying to abolish public financing for our judicial elections, forcing judges to ask wealthy special interests for money to fund their campaigns.

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Our Courts Need to Be Accountable to the Constitution & Law Not to Special Interests

An independent judiciary upholds equality and justice, preserves the rule of law and protects individual rights.  We cannot allow big monied special interests to undermine this system of fair and impartial courts and return North Carolina judges into paid for politicians. 

Winston-Salem becomes 13th municipality in NC to pass Citizens United Resolution

Winston-Salem City Council approved a resolution opposing the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision.

Jordan Green from Yes Weekly writes:

Profile of Judicial Public Financing Program

In 2004, North Carolina began a voluntary program to address the inherent conflict of judges raising large amounts of money from attorneys who appear in their courts. The program provides a statewide voter guide and an alternative source of campaign money to candidates for the NC Supreme Court and Court of Appeals if they meet certain public trust conditions.

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United We Fail: Citizens United and the Sale of Democracy

This video is about the Citizens United Supreme Court decision and its' damaging effect on our democracy. It highlights judicial public financing efforts in North Carolina and what you can do to stop the growing threat of big money in politics.

Your Voice, Their Money - New Money in Politics documentary

This video helps shine the light on special interests in North Carolina.  Join NC Voters for Clean Elections and learn what you can do to stop the growing threat of big money in politics!

New Citizens United Flyer

Please check out our new flyer for Citizens United outreach!

Yes! Weekly: Winston-Salem council to take up Citizens United

By Jordan Green

This piece was originally published in YES! Weekly on December 19th at: http://www.yesweekly.com/triad/article-15279-winston-salem-council-to-take-up-citizens-united.html

Winston-Salem Journal: Appeals court throws out suit testing ‘Stand By Your Ad’

RALEIGH -- As money increasingly floods its political campaigns, North Carolina is figuring out how to navigate the shifting ways that money can buy influence.

A lawsuit testing the strength of the state’s Stand By Your Ad law, which requires that political TV and radio ads disclose who is paying for them, was thrown out by the N.C. Court of Appeals this week. But the ruling did widen the definition of who must be identified in the advertisements.

Your Voice, Their Money - New Money in Politics documentary

NC Voters for Clean Elections has produced a new money in politics documentary that documents the impact of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United (“corporations may buy elections”) decision on North Carolina politics – and what North Carolinians can do about it. The video was produced in conjunction with Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies. Speakers are available to show and discuss the documentary with groups across the state.