History of Attacks on Judicial Independence

North Carolina’s War on Judicial Independence

After 10 years of success, with 65% of North Carolinians supporting it and 80% of judicial candidates participating, public financing for judicial races was repealed in 2013, allowing big money more influence over our fair and impartial courts. 

Little bills, in a big rush, can tip checks and balances

Winston-Salem Journal article by Scott Sexton highlighting the work of NCVCE.  

Standing up to Judicial Redistricting

Indy piece highlights committee testimony by NCVCE's Director on the dangers of judicial redistricting legislation.  

North Carolina is not alone: The Right’s nationwide assault on state judiciaries

Op-ed in NC Policy Watch by Melissa Price Kromm

In the past few months, North Carolinians have seen our General Assembly make national news several times. At least a couple of those times were due to the continuing and shameless partisan assaults on the independence of our courts.

Op-Ed by John Rauh in favor of public financing of elections

Great op-ed by former Democratic senate candidate John Rauh in favor of public financing of elections.

Standing up to Court-Tampering

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on House Bill 335, North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections voiced opposition to another political coup bill.  The News & Observer took notice.  

Will President Trump side with big donors or everyday American people?

"You want a government that serves the people not the donors and special interest. You want a government that keeps its promises," said President Trump last week at a rally in Melbourne, Florida.

The opening at the FEC sets up a test for him. Will his nominee side with big donors or everyday Americans?

President Trump's attacks on federal courts mirror election big-money attacks on state supreme court

Record spending by secretive outside special interests in state supreme court races poses a stark threat to the impartiality of the nation’s courts. 

2016 Candidate Surveys

The response from our 2016 candidate survey is amazing!  Please look up your candidate here

2016 is proving to be another historic record year for political fundraising.  The U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United is intensifying the campaign money chase.  

Why Democracy Matters: Charlotte and Raleigh tour stops

At the heart of democracy is a simple but powerful idea: One person, one vote. But in North Carolina and across the country, challenges to voting rights, growing special interest influence and politically-influenced redistricting have thrown up barriers to participation and diminished the voice of ordinary voters.